A call for beta-testers

Perhaps you know that feeling of lying in bed unable to sleep, with a sweaty forehead and a pounding heart? Or waking up from disturbing dreams, having headaches or forgetting simple things? Then there’s a chance you might be experiencing symptoms related to stress. We can all experience these things from time to time, but ignoring these symptoms over an extended period may result in more severe consequences than just a couple of nights of poor sleep.

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What can you do if you recognise these symptoms? Beasts of Burden (or bob among friends) is an app designed to help you deal with pressure before it becomes overwhelming. Beasts of burden can help you build a resilient mindset by calming your thoughts and building strengths that help you deal with pressure. The app builds on a research by psychologist Derek Roger, whose methods have been scientifically proven to build resilience to external pressures.
We are not expecting you to make big, time consuming or difficult changes in your life. Our aim is to offer a series of simple activities that help you train better ways of minimising the effects of pressure. We do this through a playful, game-like app for your phone.

Why do we need you?

Our vision is to build the world’s best tool for building a resilient mindset, which will enable people across the globe to deal with the pressure of everyday life. In order to succeed we are working with real people to test and gain feedback on the app. We are currently looking for people across the globe who have either experienced stress or want to become more resilient to the pressures of life. If you think it sounds good, you can sign up here.

What’s in it for you?

The beta app is currently free, and this is an opportunity for you to firsthand help shape the Beasts of Burden app. Your contribution will help people across the globe reduce pressure in their lives, and create more openness surrounding this topic. As a token of appreciation, we will award all our Beta testers with a free download voucher for the finished app together with our warmest thoughts.

How to get started?

Simply sign up via our sign up-page, and you will receive an installation link together with an invitation to join our beta tester Facebook-group, where you can share and discuss your personal ideas for improving the Beasts of Burden app.
All you need is an iPhone. As an Android user you can still sign up and we’ll send you an Android version of the app as soon as it's ready for testing.


We are building a global community to help each other live happier and more mentally balanced lives. We hope you want to join us!