Life is full of pressures. Some are good for us, some are not.
Some pressures drive us, some drain our batteries.

Beasts of Burden is a poetic and playful tool helping you identify behaviour creating pressure, and develop habits that lead to a stress-resilient mind.



Adopt a beast draining your energy. Tame it to remove burdens in life using proven methods from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Science. 



Pick mini-challenges to explore internal and external pressures affecting your beast. What actions, thoughts and habits are draining energy? What boosts energy?



 Complete playful challenges to release pressure from your beast. Experience your beast transform one step at the time, while strengthening your own ability to cope with pressure.

“By learning to calm our thoughts we can avoid the negative effects of turning pressure into stress in our lives”
— Dr. Derek Roger Ph.D.

The app builds on 30 years research by Dr. Derek Roger Ph.D. and is inspired by his model for developing a resilient mindset created with the Work Skills Centre. His research shows, that ongoing worried thoughts (rumination) have the effect of keeping our mind and body in a state of high alertness. Releasing cortisol and adrenaline into our system, that over sustained periods of time tear on our immune functions. 

We can avoid the negative effects of pressure in our lives, by simply learning to calm our worried thoughts.


Watch the video to hear our teams story behind creating Beasts of Burden. From the embarrassment of breaking down from everyday pressure, to how we are using an A.I to serve bite-sized and playful activities proven to build a stress resilient mindset.

“I suck at silent, still meditation … Beasts of Burden is a godsend for me, as it adapts to my natural tendencies to move.”
— Eddie Nguyen, Silicon Valley startup exec

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